After-School Programming

 Research has shown the imporant role that After-school programs play in the academic and social development of school-age youth. Youth involved in such programming have, on average, attended school more, shown greater improvement with test scores and grades, and have shown improved social and behavioral outcomes.

At YOD, we see After-school and Summer programming as essential components to any community. Our program includes four components:

Tutoring and Homework Space

  • space provided for youth to complete their homework
  • qualified adult help available when needed
  • effort made to identify academic strengths and weaknesses of each student, with support available to facilitate improvement
  • Connection with their teachers to establish ongoing dialogue to assist 

Learning Activities

  • Daily educational lessons based on important and relevant themes, student interests and current topics members are covering in school.  With this component of the program, YOD seeks to expand lessons with a longer study of certain topics. This allows the incorporation of multimedia/film/audio, critical thinking/discussion, selected readings, lecture to more fully cover a topic.
  • The most important goal for these lessons is to show students that learning can be fun and informative at the same time.   
  • Extended studies in the past have included the Civil Rights Era, WWII, The Countries of North America, Central America and South America, and The Roots and Development of Blues Music. 

Pro-social Recreation

  • Unstructured activity "free play" choices available to youth participants
  • Structured group activities, such as ping pong, soccer, baseball, kickball, basketball, and football. 
  • Inside activities such as movies, Playstation, Xbox, computer access, board games, and more


  • Complete hot, nutritious dinner (and breakfast/lunch during summer programming) and snack served to all youth participants