Community Outreach


Community Outreach is a central component to any violence prevention program. It allows our organization to be actively interacting with community residents in their own neighborhood. It also allows us to maintain a visible and positive presence inside of the community, while we are continually keeping the residents informed of resources that are available.

Our concept of outreach involves being knowledgeable of and able to interact with all aspects of a particular community.

  • Three-Tier Contact System

Maintaining contact with  community organizations and businesses (First Tier), community residents (Second Tier), and the at-risk youth and adult populations (Third Tier) within a particular neighborhood on a daily basis.

  • “Community Hot Spots” Risk Level Assessment

Reporting detailed information relating to the community risk level on a weekly basis and mapping out locations that are particularly at risk for violence. Y.O.D. staff then analyzes this data and works with other neighborhood organizations to reduce the risk level.

  • Referral For Services

Maintaining an updated list of available resources and Y.O.D partner organizations that could benefit residents in our target neighborhoods and helping them navigate through the process of connecting with these services. 

Our outreach model is currently being utilized through the Pittsburgh Initiative To Reduce Crime, operated by the City of Pittsburgh.  

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